64AA269 Colorwear Kids Dinos

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type: T-Shirt
Vendor: The Mountain


The Colorwear Kids t-shirt box program is the perfect way to display your Colorwear Kids tees! Not only are these unique t-shirt shaped boxes attractive and eye-catching, but they also contain everything your customers need to get their little ones started on their Colorwear project right away.

Every successful Colorwear project needs 3 things: A canvas (the t-shirt), the medium (Tulip marker pack), and a sturdy work surface (the shirt board). Our t-shirt box program offers your customers all of these items in one convenient package. Each box features the t-shirt design, plus a small cut out in the back so your customers can feel the softness of the t-shirt without opening the package.

Need a display? We've got the perfect solution for you! Check out our 2 wonderful options for showing off your Colorwear t-shirt boxes: The Great Wall and The Grid Wall. Each unit combines form and function to create a beautiful t-shirt display that attracts more customers and encourages more sales.


Box program orders must have a minimum of 24 pieces. For orders under 24 pieces, add extra $1.00 per shirt. The 24 pieces can be a combination of youth or adult shirts.

Youth boxed t-shirt available sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colorwear Kids Boxed Kit Contains:
  • A Colorwear T-Shirt with Fun Kid Friendly Design
  • Tulip Marker package with 6 non-toxic fabric markers*
  • Hours of entertainment for kids of all ages

The Mountain Artwear features:

  • Heavyweight 100% cotton tee that won't shrink or fade
  • Photo realistic images that won't crack or separate from the shirt
  • Environmentally friendly printing process using organic reactive dyes and water based inks
  • Hand dyed and printed by expert artisans in New Hampshire

*Safe to use for all ages