The Mountain® is a wholesale-to-retail company. We sell only to retail stores and other official businesses. A signed resale certificate is required to place an order.  All orders are accepted, received, and processed in the state of New Hampshire. The Mountain has independent sales representatives nationally and in Canada.  Visit to find a sales rep in your area, or to order online.  Orders can also be emailed to 


All Catalog prices are effective as of January 1, 2014. Prices may change without prior notice. All products will be shipped at the price in effect on the date the order is placed.

Classic Mountain® Adult T-Shirts: S-XL $9.00, XXL $10.00, XXXL $11.00, 4XL-5XL $15.00

Boxed Adult T-Shirts: S-XL $10.50, XXL $11.50, XXXL $12.50

Children’s T-Shirts: All Sizes $6.50

Boxed Children’s T-Shirts: All Sizes $8.00

Mountain Hoodies: S-XL $24.00, XXL $26.00

Mountain Mottle Dyes: S-XL $6.00, 2XL $7.00, 3XL $8.00

Officially Licensed T-Shirts (OL): S-XL $10.00, XXL $11.00, XXXL $12.00, 4XL-5XL $16.00


Display Fixtures

Loose shirt display $500

Can accommodate up to 360 shirts.

Great Wall Boxed Tee Display $150.00

Can accommodate 140 adult boxed tees, 168 youth boxed tees.

Grid Wall Display Fixture $40

Can accommodate 140 adult boxed tees, 168 youth boxed tees.

Terms:  Available terms for all accounts are prepay (by check), COD certified, wire, or credit card. We accept MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, and American Express®. *We are now required to get the CID number from all of our credit card customers. The three-digit CID number is located on the back of the customer’s card for MC/Visa and Discover. Amex is on the front and will be a four-digit number. The credit card company may decline credit cards if we do not provide this number and we will hold the order. Acceptance of company check or net 30 terms requires The Mountain approval of your credit application. Please allow 2-3 weeks for credit applications to be processed. We cannot ship Canadian, Namedrop, or Box Program orders COD.  All International accounts must be prepaid via wire transfer prior to shipping; this does not include accounts located in Canada. Unclaimed COD Charges: Freight charges for unclaimed or refused CODs will be added to the customer’s next order. The customer has five business days after refusing a package to contact The Mountain and accept the charges before the order is restocked and a 20% restocking fee may be applied. 

Declined Credit Cards: The Mountain will notify the customer within 24 hours if their credit card is declined. The customer has five business days to arrange payment and have the order shipped before the order will be restocked, and a 20% restocking fee may apply. Namedrop and Box customers must arrange payment and accept the order or be placed on a prepay-only status for all future orders. They will be responsible for payment in full of the refused order before any future orders will be filled.

Overdue Accounts: We will not ship to customers with overdue accounts.

Minimum Orders:  Initial orders must be at least $200.00 without exception. There is no reorder minimum unless you are a namedrop or box customer. All Namedrop orders must have a minimum of 48 pieces. These 48 pieces may include several different designs, and may include adult and children’s sizes. Box program orders must have a minimum of 24 pieces or will be charged an additional $1 per shirt. The 24 pieces can be a combination of adults and youth shirts.

Return and Exchange Policy:  We are committed to providing our customers with the best product possible. In our efforts to do so, we want to sell you shirts that sell best for you. To help better your sales we provide an exchange program that enables you to exchange slow selling designs to be replaced with better selling designs.  We will exchange any re-saleable shirts for credit with the following exceptions:  Shirts must be in our current catalog, undamaged, and in their original condition. Additionally, the shirts must have been available for sale a minimum of 60 days before being returned.  For box program returns all tee shirts must be removed from their gift boxes and returned loose.  Box program returns will be credited at the loose shirt price, or $1.50 less than the price paid.  The $1.50 is the cost of a service and will not be refunded.  We cannot accept returns of namedropped shirts.  We will not credit back credit cards or issue refund checks.  Any credit given will be put on account for use on future orders.  Please be sure to note on the future order to apply the credit, as this will not automatically be done.  Net customers will need to deduct the credit from their future payments.  Please contact our customer service department to discuss your return options. No return will be accepted without a return authorization number provided by your customer service representative.  

Defective or Damaged Merchandise: The Mountain takes our quality control very seriously.  If you receive products that are damaged or defective in any way, please contact our customer service department for credit or replacement of the damaged merchandise. All defects and damages must be reported within 60 days of shipping if credit or replacements are to be given. The Mountain is not responsible for replacing or issuing credit for any defects or damages reported more than 60 days following shipment of the merchandise.

Namedrop Program:  Namedrop is available on adult & children short-sleeve shirts for an additional $.25 per shirt. All adult tees are namedropped on the left sleeve. All children’s tees are namedropped on the back, and the drop is the same size as the adult sleeve drop (no exceptions to namedrop placement). Color of all namedrops or logos are white ink unless otherwise specified in writing or agreed upon at the time the order is placed. We will namedrop box program orders if requested, be aware however that the gift box will not indicate anywhere that the shirt inside is namedropped.  All first time namedrops will be emailed or faxed for approval.  The Mountain must receive written approval of the namedrop prior to it being printed on the tee shirts. Officially Licensed designs, indicated in The Mountain catalog as “OL”, can not be namedropped without written permission from the licensor.  Other namedrop options are available through our custom printing program.  Please call for details. Namedrop Cancellations and Changes: Any changes or cancellations must be received and acknowledged by The Mountain within 24 hours of receipt of the original order. Changes to the order will not be accepted once the namedrop has been printed. 

Artwork for namedrops: Sketches, samples, art, dyes, computer disks, film positives, etc. will remain the property of The Mountain and will not be used for any purpose other than the completion of this order without permission from the customer. When submitting artwork, please email to  Please send a standard format .jpeg, .tif, or .eps file.  Logos and artwork submitted electronically are preferred, and must be of minimum dimensions 6” x 6” and 300 dpi.  All namedrop artwork must be black and white.  We can not accept color artwork.

Special Programs & Services:  All value added services must be requested on every order at the time the order is placed. Please add $.25 per shirt for each value added service requested.  Value added services include, but are not limited to, poly bagging, size stripping, price or upc tagging, stickering, and namedropping.  

Shipping: The Mountain ships with Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS.  Generally orders for 6 or more shirts will ship via either Fed X Ground or UPS Ground.  All orders for 5 shirts or less will ship via USPS. If a specific carrier is preferred, this must be noted on the order at the time the order is placed. If no carrier is requested, The Mountain reserves the right to ship via whichever carrier is deemed appropriate. All Canadian accounts will be shipped via Purolator. The Mountain is GST registered and bills Canadian customers for GST, brokerage, and any other applicable charges. This is also subject to change without notice. All orders shipped are FOB Keene, NH 

Shipping Time: The Mountain attempts to ship all regular tee shirt orders within 48 hours. During peak seasons, this may not be possible. If you require your merchandise by a certain date, please request it on the order. The Mountain is not responsible for late orders if a ship date was not specified. 

Special Program Order Ship Time: Please allow 2-3 weeks from receipt of signed approval for namedrop orders, and for box program orders. All poly bag, size stripping and UPC tag orders may take 1-2 weeks to complete during busier seasons. If you need the merchandise by a certain date please be sure it is stated on your order.

Unavailable Items & Backorders:  The Mountain strives to ship each order complete. However, during busier seasons there may be unavailable items, which will be marked “N/A” on the pick ticket. The Mountain will automatically backorder all unavailable items if there are more than 6 pieces unavailable at the time of shipment, unless otherwise requested by the customer on a per order basis. The backorder will be shipped within two weeks. Any items still unavailable once the backorder has been shipped will be cancelled and will need to be reordered by the customer. We will not automatically backorder namedrop orders unless there are 48 pieces or more unavailable at the time of shipment.  We will not automatically backorder box program orders unless there are 24 pieces or more unavailable at the time of shipment.  Backorders of more than 6 pieces and less than 24 pieces will receive free freight.  Customers are responsible for freight on all backorders for gift boxed tees. It is recommended that you specify on each order whether or not you would like any unavailable items to be backordered.

International Account Restrictions:  Payment via wire transfer must be received prior to shipping for all international orders. International accounts are responsible for all freight, duty & taxes associated with their shipments.

Sizing & Colors:  Because the shirts are hand-dyed there may be slight variations in the sizes. Children’s sizing is as follows: Small 2T-4T, Medium 6-8, Large 10-12, Xlarge 14-16. The Mountain is now offering sizes 4xl and 5xl in limited quantities. Please note that we are unable to package 4x and 5x tees in our gift boxes. Each Mountain shirt is uniquely hand-dyed therefore variations in the color may occur. Shirts are generally available in the colors that appear in our catalog. At times, colors may change without notice. Please ask your representative or customer service agent if a color change has occurred when you place your order.

Internet Sales & Minimum Advertised Price

The Mountain has adopted an MAP Policy. All advertisements, web listings, etc must adhere to this policy.  Please refer to MAP Policy. Any violation of this policy could result in The Mountain refusing to process your orders. By placing an order with The Mountain, you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by The Mountain MAP Policy.  The Mountain will supply images for use on your website, and a database of available items for easy upload.  To request the images and database, you must supply The Mountain with your website url where our products will be sold.  

Emails & Privacy Policy:  Email allows for faster communication between The Mountain and our customers.  The Mountain asks for an email address for all accounts.  Supplying an email address is voluntary and not a condition of doing business.  Having a valid email on file will allow for automated online shipment notification (with tracking numbers) and periodic bulletins regarding specials and product availability.  The Mountain does not distribute or sell customer information and will only use email addresses for business purposes.  We strongly recommend supplying an email address.

Licensing Info:  All designs are copyrighted and licensed to The Mountain. Our batik products are protected under the United States patent #5400257.

Legal Info: The Mountain Corporation is incorporated in the State of New Hampshire. All legal matters will be governed by New Hampshire law, and all legal actions will take place in New Hampshire. All personal and subject matter jurisdiction in regards to any legal actions of any matter are to governed by the laws of the State of New Hampshire, and will take place in the State of New Hampshire.

Brand Identity and Use of Branding: The Mountain®, Manimals™, Three Wolf Moon®, Big Face™, and Mountain Life® are all brands owned and operated by The Mountain Corporation®.  Customers, affiliates, Distributors, and Partners may not use our registered and trademarked brand names as their own. You can not sell under our brand name(s), you must use your own business name to sell our brands ie. “John Doe’s Tees” presents The Mountain. You can not represent yourself as The Mountain (or any other brands owned and operated by The Mountain) in your selling, advertising, websites (including Facebook® and other social networking sites), videos or any other form of communication with a wholesale or retail customer. All websites, social networking platforms and other online media avenues can not have any of our brands in the domain name.  Nor can you use our logo as your own. If you need examples of what is and what is not acceptable please contact us. Using or or is a violation of this agreement. Using any of our brands as your main URL is strictly prohibited. For clarification, please visit the link above. You can of course sell our brands, use our logos, and advertise our products to your hearts content.