What Is The Mountain's Green Philosophy?

  • Small carbon footprint — We create, develop, dye, and print in our facility in Marlborough, NH and ship from our offices in Keene, NH - just 3 miles away! That makes us unique in an industry where many companies dye and print apparel overseas. The proximity of our offices also allows us to offer our customers a quick turnaround time on t-shirt orders — usually within 24 hours!
  • Materials sourced in the United States — More than 80% of the cotton used in our t-shirts is grown right here in the USA.
  • Environmentally friendly inks — We are the pioneers of using water based inks to create the incredible designs on our graphic t-shirts. This means that a Mountain t-shirt maintains an amazingly soft feel and a bold, bright look that will last for as long as you own the shirt.
  • Dye Oxidation System — Read more below about our innovative solution for treating our waste water and transforming it into oxygen enriched water that causes no harm to the environment.
Green t-shirt printing by The Mountain T-Shirt Screen Graphic T-Shirts on the Press at The Mountain

About The Mountain's Innovative Dye Oxidation System

Jeff Grosner, The Mountain's Vice President of Operations, along with a team of dreamers, inventors, and engineers envisioned a system that would clean our waste water without the use of chemicals. Like everything we do here at The Mountain, it wasn't long before this vision of an environmentally friendly water management system became a reality. Since being implemented in 2011, our industry-leading Dye Oxidation System (DOS) has allowed us to recycle 3,000,000 gallons of oxygen enriched water that can be integrated with microorganisms present in our local city water treatment plant.

What exactly does this mean for the environment?

Traditional methods of removing dye colors from waste water require the use of chemicals, which creates harmful derivatives that can endanger our local water supply. The Mountain's DOS purifies our waste water without the use of chemicals, thus protecting our local water resources and environment. In other words, instead of producing dead water that has been stripped of its oxygen, the DOS creates a final product that is full of oxygen and has a positive impact on our local environment.

A Commitment to the Environment is in Our DNA

Here at The Mountain, we not only pride ourselves on creating t-shirts as Artwear, but also on ensuring that every thread in our apparel measures up to our company's environmental standards. Being an Eco-friendly t-shirt company is part of our collective consciousness and has been a core tenet of our company's mission since day one. We know that our customers value our continuous efforts to push the industry forward when it comes to producing t-shirts using methods that are socially responsible.

This is why The Mountain is proud to be Oeko-tex 100% certified. Holding this certification means that our t-shirts and other apparel do not contain any trace of chemicals that are harmful to your body—that's our guarantee.

Check out the long history of environmentally friendly initiatives that have always shaped the way we do business, and see what future projects we are working on in order to continue our run as America's Greenest Apparel Company!

Green Initiatives timeline - The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts