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The holidays are fast approaching, and as you think about how to boost your t-shirt sales during this busy time of year, remember that the presentation of your products can have a big impact on traffic, customer engagement, recommendations, and most of all sales.

In the last blog post, we talked about some the most gift worthy t-shirt collections, but now it is time to think about the best way to display those beautiful t-shirts and entice your customers to buy one for their friend or relative, and add one in their cart for themselves too.

T-shirts are always going to be popular items on gift guides - they are unique, tell a story, and ultimately capture the essence of your personality - at least that is what a Mountain t-shirt does! If your t-shirt sales tend to increase during the holidays, then there is definitely more that you can be doing to sell even more shirts, increase your revenue, and capitalize on an already established sales trend.

What's In a Display? Everything...

Our t-shirt designs are bold, eye-catching and appealing to your customers, but maybe presenting them in a different way would capture even more attention and get even more people talking about the store that has all of the cool t-shirts. YOUR store. It's worth thinking about, right?

We consider merchandising displays to be almost as important the t-shirt itself, which is why we have put so much time and effort into creating unique display options that offer many different features and benefits. We hope that there is truly something for every type of shop.

The T-Shirt Gift Box Program is the ideal holiday merchandising solution

Believe it or not, customer feedback is one of the driving factors behind our innovation when it comes to display options. We heard customers tell us all the time that they love t-shirts by The Mountain, but they simply did not have the space - in their inventory room or the floor - to carry the amount of tees they needed.

From this challenge came the unique opportunity to develop a merchandising system that equally combined form and function - the t-shirt gift box program. With this innovative system, the t-shirt is folded inside our decorative t-shirt shaped gift box, taking up less space than a full sized t-shirt.

Then, you can easily hang these eye-catching gift boxes from one of custom displays made exclusively for the gift box program - the grid wall or the great wall. Plus, customers love that these t-shirts come already packaged in a gift box, saving them time, effort and an extra trip to the store for gift packaging. Truly, the gift box program is a win-win for everyone.


Loose T-Shirt Displays Deliver Versatility and Style

T-Shirts on a gets the job done, but there are some serious flaws to this traditional merchandising system that could be getting in the way of more sales for you. It's difficult to see all the designs and sizes available, causing customers to spend a lot of time browsing through t-shirts until they find what they need. Imagine a display that features up to 20 different t-shirt designs and up to 360 folded t-shirts, without taking up a ton of floor space.

There's no need to imagine - all you have to do is take a look at the loose t-shirt display options available for your wholesale t-shirts. These beautiful displays are constructed with furniture grade maple, giving them an appeal that draws customers right in.

The displays sit on casters, making it easy for customers to see what's being offered with minimal effort. Each design slot has a space to display the t-shirt design, which means customers don;t have to spend time looking through all of the shirts to see what's available. And, with our size stripping added service, you can make it even more convenient for customers to find what they need.

 Convenience and Ease for Everyone - The Goal of Our T-Shirt Displays

As you can see, our custom t-shirt display options have been developed with you and your customers' needs in mind. Convenience, appearance, and ease of use are 3 of the top factors we considered and we hope that as a result, you enjoy a boost in your t-shirt sales.

Looking forward toward the holidays, there is still time to inquire about a display option from The Mountain Wholesale. Our experienced team can work with you to figure out which option best fits your needs as a shop owner. Give us a call today!


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