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Looking Back at a Summer Full of Awesome T-Shirts, Plus What to Anticipate This Fall from The Mountain!

It has been a busy summer here at The Mountain—we released several new designs, introduced a couple of new collections, and expanded the selections in our popular Collegiate Collection. All of these exciting developments have set the stage for an even more exciting fall season as we prepare to release our 2017 wholesale catalog, which is sure to wow you with all of the new artists, designs, and an improved format that is more user-friendly and earth friendly.

With that said, let’s take a brief look back at the summer and a look ahead to what’s new and exciting this fall.

The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts Summer Wrap Up

Colorwear – Coloring T-Shirts for the kid in all of us!

The biggest event of the summer was most certainly the long-awaited release of Colorwear, a unique collection of coloring t-shirts for adults featuring two of the most popular contemporary adult coloring book artists—Valentina Harper and Hello Angel. This line has taken off and is quickly gaining traction just in time for the holiday season. Our featured t-shirt box program offers you an ideal merchandising solution and gives your customer a neat package containing everything they need to start coloring.

We have been blown away by the positive feedback on this collection and we look forward to bringing you more offerings from this line in the future. The adult coloring trend is still expected to grow through 2017 and Colorwear is the perfect way to capture the interest of that niche market as a t-shirt retailer. See what the excitement is all about—check out Colorwear t-shirts now!

The Hero Collection

Although this inspirational collection of t-shirts technically hit the shelves in late spring, it really continued to captivate everyone throughout the summer with its timeless themes of liberty, patriotism, and valor. The Hero Collection features military and patriotic t-shirts that are offered in partnership with the non-profit organization, Operation Hat Trick. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a personal connection to the military, these t-shirts resonate with everyone who can appreciate the sacrifice made by our soldiers in the quest to defend our nation.

What’s appealing to your customers besides the captivating designs? The fact that a portion of every t-shirt sale goes directly to Operation Hat Trick, which generates support and awareness for wounded veterans and active service men and women. We call this a purchase with a purpose –it doesn’t get much better than that. View The Hero Collection now.

Political Humor Collection

During this volatile election cycle, we hope that we can provide a faint smile, a small chuckle, or even a great big belly laugh to you and your customers as we attempt to lighten the mood and highlight the funnier side of politics with The Political Humor Collection. Satire and politics go hand-in-hand, and the memes, cartoons, and jokes always increase during the presidential election. This year is certainly no different!

What better way to approach an ordinarily sensitive subject than with a bit of irreverent humor? The breakout t-shirt of the collection is without a doubt Epic Trump—a memorable design by Jason Heuser that features Mr. Trump in the most epic fashion possible, standing atop a tank, seemingly ready to conquer the world amid flags and fireworks and other symbols of America. Truly epic, and quickly rising to the bestseller ranks as the election season starts to really heat up.

The other featured t-shirt in this seasonal collection—Hillary Takes The House—shows Mrs. Clinton riding a unicorn, of course, with rainbows and flowers and sparkles galore as the White House sits majestically in the background. These new additions have been massive hits, but make sure you also check out the funny political themed t-shirts regularly offered in our humor collection with past presidents shown in memorable scenes.

Shark Week Collection

For the past two years, we have ushered in summer with the release of our officially licensed Shark Week t-shirts. The Shark Week Collection always makes a splash in early summer sales with the fun and creative depictions of one the ocean’s most dominant predators. This year’s theme was “Shark n’ Awe” and the t-shirts designed specifically for this collection definitely captured that them with big and bold images of sharks ruling their element.

Even though summer is winding down, t-shirts from the Shark Week Collection can still result in strong sales, especially as we head into prime gift giving season. Shark Week aficionados celebrate these fierce fish all year round and would love nothing more than to unwrap a Shark Week t-shirt this winter. See all of the fun Shark Week t-shirts now!

The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts Fall Preview

Check Out The Expanded Collegiate Collection

Fall is a popular time for college sports fans to start stocking up on gear from their favorite teams, with this in mind, we worked tirelessly to develop an updated version of our collegiate catalog with more schools and more designs. We are excited to share it with you! You can view the catalog online or contact customer service to request a hard copy.

Remember, customers must be pre-approved to purchase the Collegiate Collection online, so give us a call today and we will get your account set up for you.

Hoodies and Long Sleeved T-Shirts: Gear Up for Winter!

Labor Day signals the unofficial end of summer, as kids head back to school and everyone starts gearing up for cooler temperatures. Luckily, we offer many of our popular t-shirt designs in hoodie and long sleeved t-shirt styles as well. This means that your customers don’t have to worry about storing away their favorite Mountain t-shirt in the Rubbermaid bin in the closet until next summer. They can pick up a hoodie or long sleeved t-shirt with their favorite design to wear through the fall and winter!

Our hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts offers the same amount of comfort and quality as our classic t-shirts—which is exactly what you have come to expect from The Mountain. If you haven’t ordered hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts before, make sure you head over to our Sizing page to view the measurements for these body styles and get a good idea of which sizes will work best for your customers.

You can also check out our bestsellers pages for a little bit of extra guidance on what hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts are popular among our customers. These top selling designs tend to represent every type of style and provide a good overview of the collections we offer. If you are unsure if the design you want is available in an alternate body style, all you have to do is search for the design in our website’s search box and you will be able to see every body style offered in that design –it’s that easy!

2017 Wholesale Catalog

We are currently hard at work creating The Mountain Wholesale’s 2017 catalog. This year we really took a step back at our catalog’s design and functionality for you, our valued customers! We think you will be pleased with some of the changes and we look forward to kicking off a new buying season with a rejuvenated look and a more user-friendly layout. Take a look at the 2016 Wholesale catalog to see all of our awesome collections in one place!

As far as the new designs for 2017, we cannot share too much yet, but we can say that the level of intricacy and artistry continues to impress us from the brand new artists we will be welcoming this year. We know that there is a lot to digest when it comes to our big annual catalog, but that is why we are really focused on organizing the content in a way that allows you to find what you are looking for in a more efficient way, plus hopefully make it easier to discover some new stuff along the way!

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