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Whether you are ready or not, the holiday season is right around the corner. Once the kids are back in school and everyone has officially bid farewell to summer, there is just a brief lull before the holiday sales season starts to rev up.

And doesn't feel like every year that arbitrary date that marks the beginning of the holiday season (outside of the obvious Black Friday shopping extravaganza madness) creeps earlier and earlier on the calendar? Well, don't worry. If t-shirts are big sellers for you during the holiday season, make sure you check out our Holiday Collection, which features some pretty unique Halloween and Christmas designs that your customers certainly will not be able to find anywhere else.

Top T-Shirt Designs from the Holiday Collection

Two of the most notable designs available in the Holiday Collection are Hot Cocoa Orangutan and Three Reindeer Moon. These holiday graphic tees put a wintry twist on two of our classic and most popular t-shirts ever: Three Wolf Moon and Big Face Baby Orangutan. The holiday versions of these tees have become iconic in their own right and your Mountain loving customers will definitely recognize the origin of these designs when they spot them on the shelf.

Although it is easy to skip right ahead to the Christmas season, there is a big focus from consumers and retailers alike on Halloween, especially as the entertainment industry continues to make TV shows and movies that cater to fans of ghouls, goblins, and gore. As you prepare your inventory for the holidays, make sure you add some of our Halloween themed tees to your stock, like Big Face Jack or Jack O Lantern Wall. These tees are perfect for fans of Halloween, and as a bonus, they are available in youth sizes as well.

These holiday tees embody The Mountain's bold design style, enhanced with a little holiday cheer. Although The Mountain's holiday themed t-shirts make great stocking stuffers and gifts, we offer many other collections that are definitely gift worthy. Given the wide selection of styles and designs, you can almost always find a Mountain t-shirt for the person who has everything.

Check out these other popular t-shirt collections for the holiday season


Coloring t-shirts make wonderful and memorable gifts, and no one has more coloring t-shirts available than The Mountain. These tees are a fully immersive Artwear project that provide hours of fun and entertainment for individuals and groups alike. While your customers will love the beautiful designs and interactive quality of Colorwear, you will appreciate the thoughtful approach we have taken when creating the merchandising concept for these unique tees.

With our Colorwear Box Program, you receive the Colorwear design, plus a six pack of Tulip markers neatly enclosed within one of our distinguishable t-shirt shaped gift boxes. But, what about the shirt board? The gift box unfolds and transforms into the shirt board required to complete the Artwear project. This is an attractive and convenient way for you to advertise your Colorwear t-shirts and really make them stand out prominently during the busy holiday shopping season.

We are currently running a promotion on Colorwear displays that you can take advantage of before the holiday rush hits. Buy enough tees to fill a rack and we'll give you a grid wall display to hang your t-shirt boxes for free. Call us at (800) 545-9684 for more details.

The Hero Collection

Americana t-shirts are brought to entirely new level of patriotism with the inspirational Hero Collection, released this spring. This collection was extremely popular over the summer and has proven that it can be a strong contender for the holiday season. Featuring 20 military and patriotic designs, The Hero Collection hits home with powerful imagery and meaningful text.

These t-shirts are the perfect gift for anyone with a connection to the military, or for anyone who likes to display their patriotism proudly for the world to see. What is even more special about The Hero Collection is that a portion of every t-shirt purchase goes to support Operation Hat Trick— a non-profit organization that raises awareness and support for wounded veterans and active service men and women. View the catalog to learn more and read an interview with Dot Sheehan, Founder and CEO of Operation Hat Trick.

The Collegiate Collection

Attention college sports fans - The Mountain has the most unique college apparel on the market! Do you own a shop near a major college or university? Check out our Collegiate Collection to see if there is a school near you. College apparel is a timeless gift that anyone can enjoy - from diehard fans, to alumni and current students.

We are continuing to expand our selection of Collegiate apparel, but you can see what is currently available by checking out the most recent catalog that was just released in July. Featuring 96 schools and many new designs and styles, you will find something for every type of customer!

When it comes to driving holiday sales, it can be difficult to figure out what types of items to stock in order to maximize your profits for the season. T-shirts will always top the list of gift ideas, but the key is finding designs that will stand out and turn your window shopper into a customer - hopefully a repeat customer!

Do you need product recommendations? Remember to visit our website to view the bestsellers lists, which are updated monthly! This will give you a good idea of what is selling and maybe give you some inspiration for different designs and styles to try out in your shop.

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