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When we first started conceptualizing the driving ideas behind the creation of the Colorwear line, we knew that we had to come out of the gate with some pretty big artists who have already established a strong fan base in the adult coloring book world. The notion of coloring t-shirts is certainly not a new thing, but we knew that with the right artwork, we would have the opportunity to take this growing trend to a whole new level.

The decision was easy. Hello Angel and Valentina Harper's designs fit perfectly with our vision for this unique t-shirt collection and we couldn't be happier that they agreed to join us in this awesome new venture into fun and creative world of coloring t-shirts. They both embrace the same passion for art and desire to help others unlock their creative spirit through their fun, playful and inspirational designs.

Since we are so excited about having these artists' designs available to you for the launch of the Colorwear t-shirt collection, we thought you might enjoy learning a little bit about Hello Angel and Valentina Harper and seeing some of their Colorwear designs that have been the most popular with our customers since launching the complete line last month.

Colorwear Artist: Valentina Harper

For Valentina Harper, a graphic designer by training, art is about both the details and the whole picture, the image and the feeling, the playful and the introspective. These juxtapositions often take place within Harper's designs, even though you may not realize it when you take in the beautiful intricacies of her illustrations.

There is no better way to understand the creative inspiration of Valentina Harper than from the artist herself. The following artist statement from her explains a little bit about how she approaches her art and shares it with the world.

"My work is primarily driven by the idea of the creation of a unified whole through the use of minute details. The use of pop colors, lines and circles that swirl & undulate result in playful artwork made with passion. I use ink and other mediums to create flowing, intricate and highly detailed patterns, sometimes utilizing words for positive inspiration. Self healing and positive energy are the motivating concepts which ignite my passion to create. Through my work I hope to inspire and help others follow their dreams. I try to bring a fantastical, dreamlike appearance to my artwork, which includes digital drawings, mixed media and pen & ink illustrations."

The basis of Harper's designs almost become symbiotic with the Colorwear line, which is all about exploration, optimism, and immersion in art as a way to express yourself. When you browse through Valentina Harper's Colorwear collection, you will be struck by the intricacy of the designs. Coloring enthusiasts will love to escape for hours in the flowing lines and wispy shapes and curves that are hallmark features of every one of Harper's designs available in the Colorwear line.

Take a look below at some of the most popular designs by Valentina Harper. These t-shirts have caught the attention of many customers and are getting rave reviews across the board.

Top Colorwear T-Shirt Designs for Valentina Harper

Alexis and the Flowers by Valentina Harper
Alexis and the Flowers
Helios by Valentina Harper
Phileus Frog by Valentina Harper
Phileus Frog

Colorwear Artist: Angelea Van Dam of Hello Angel

The origin of Hello Angel's artistic inspiration is about as complex as the designs she creates with her pen and ink. Although Angelea Van Dam is also trained graphic designer, she describes herself as an explorer of all artistic mediums. This experimenting and dabbling into many different art forms throughout her career has played a big role in influencing the art she creates today, especially all of the thoughtfully crafted designs featured in her Colorwear collection.

The message Hello Angel hopes to convey through her artwork is a simple, yet powerful one: that anyone can strive for and achieve their dreams no matter what they are. While he designs are filled with whimsy and wonderment, each one tells a deeper story that resonates with the dreamer inside each of us.

Hello Angel shares this message of hope and inspiration through her Inspirational Quotes designs that are available in the Colorwear Collection. Each one of these motivational t-shirts contains a short message that is both uplifting and encouraging. Adult coloring book fans will definitely be drawn to these unique tees as many people seek out coloring as a therapeutic exercise. These positive messages will flow off the t-shirt and into your customers' hearts and minds.

Below are three of the Hello Angel Colorwear t-shirts that have proven to be popular since they hit the shelves last month.

Top Colorwear T-Shirt Designs for Hello Angel

Animals 6 by Hello Angel
Animals 6
Owl 3 by Hello Angel
Owl 3
Letters and Words 2 by Hello Angel
Letters & Words 2

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