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Celebrate The 4th of July with Political Humor Graphic Tees by The Mountain

Ah Independence Day…a day to celebrate the institution of our government and the establishment of political traditions in The United States of America. We ask, what better way to celebrate the nation’s declaration of independence than with political humor tees by The Mountain, featuring a few of the country’s most famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) political leaders and, of course, one Grumpy cat.

Let’s face it, the upcoming 2016 presidential election season has already garnered enough internet memes, SNL parodies, and editorial satire for an entire lifetime, and the crazy thing is that it is still four months away! One thing is for sure, though: there is still plenty of political fodder left to fuel the media frenzy until Election Day in November, which means that the passion and fervor will certainly continue to increase on both sides of the aisle as we approach the fall. As well as jokes about bad hairdos and pantsuits.

What does all of this mean for you as a t-shirt seller? As someone who is savvy enough to recognize that consumer trends and current events can add up to a major profit potential, the existing political landscape presents a big opportunity for increased sales of political themed t-shirts. Luckily, The Mountain has you covered with our unique collection of Political Humor tees!

They’re Edgy, They’re Irreverent…They’re Political Humor Graphic Tees by The Mountain

In addition to our current popular designs available, which include depictions of George W. Bush with guns blazing while riding a shark and Ronald Reagan poised for battle atop his trusty velociraptor (yes, you read that correctly), we are gearing up to release some pretty funny new t-shirts to our wholesale customers next week featuring none other than the most popular political players of the moment.

These new funny t-shirts are head-turners and conversation-starters that your customers will be wearing and talking about long after the 2016 election is over. The new designs, which feature military tanks and cats, among other things, are sure to crack a smile on even the most serious of arm chair politicos. Your customers will laugh until they cry, or cry until they laugh –either way, once the tears are gone, they will definitely be able to appreciate the absurdity of political satire t-shirts by The Mountain.

Who knows what the future will bring, but as we all sit back and watch the political drama unfold, why not give your customers the chance to commemorate the historical election season with a t-shirt that embraces the lighter side of politics?

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