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Display Your Graphic Tees by The Mountain with 2 Unique Merchandising Options

We are sure that you all have come up with a lot of fun and creatively awesome ways to display your Mountain T-Shirts, but we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the display options we have available to our wholesale customers.

In designing these different displays, we really tried to put ourselves in your shoes and think about all of the possible characteristics you would like to see in a Mountain T-Shirt display. The end result, we think, is as innovative and unique as the t-shirts themselves!

The Folded T-Shirt Display

This attractive display comes in two different options: large and small, depending on how many t-shirt designs you want to offer your customers. Both versions are constructed with furniture grade, top quality maple so they are built to last and stand up to the wear and tear of being on the shop floor.

More features of the Folded T-Shirt Display:

  • 360 degree spin design – Convenient for Customers
  • Heavy-duty casters – Easily move your display wherever you’d like
  • Free full color picture inserts – Eye-catching to customers walking by!
  • Prominent header unit – Use our beautiful POP sign or design your own

Large Folded T-Shirt Display, aka The Tower

At first, it may sound a bit overwhelming to think about displaying 20 different t-shirt designs, which equals 360 folded tees. You might think to yourself that there is no way you have the floor space to offer that kind of selection of Mountain T-Shirts.

But, you will be surprised to know that our large folded t-shirt display just 6 SQ FT of floor space. This means it can easily fit in small shops without compromising style. Imagine being able to offer that type of variety to your customers in one convenient display? It is a win-win situation for everyone!

Small Folded T-Shirt Display, aka The Half Rack

Our newest display option, the half rack provides the same attractive qualities as the tower while holding 180 t-shirts and 10 different designs. This rack can fit virtually anywhere and it allows customers to still view the designs on the full color picture inserts provided to you. When it comes to displaying your t-shirts by the Mountain, the half rack truly offers the best of both worlds – form and function combined so successfully to meet both your needs and your customers’!

Each of these racks provides the flexibility to switch out designs based on the season or popularity. Do you want to sell tanks in the summer and classic tees that rest of the year –no problem! Easily swap out styles based on what your customers want in the moment. You can also switch out designs depending on the time of year. This flexibility is key to keeping your inventory fresh, which results in happy customers who will always come back to see what’s new.

The Box Program by The Mountain

A lot of shop owners want to bring in wholesale t-shirts by The Mountain to their shop but feel like they can’t for one primary reason: space. Either floor space is tight or they don’t have the room to keep hundreds of t-shirts folded and stocked. It’s such a common response that we hear, so we decided to do something about it.

What’s the solution for someone who recognizes the value of selling apparel –especially big and bold Mountain t-shirts –but who feels like they logistically cannot make it work? The one-of-a-kind t-shirt box program is the answer.

What makes the box program so unique? It’s our patented t-shirt shaped gift box that contains a folded graphic tee, with a small cut out section for your customers to feel the high quality craftsmanship of a Mountain tee. The outside of the box features a full color depiction of the t-shirt’s design, making it just as appealing and eye-catching as the real thing!

More features of the box program:

  • Boxes feature a hang tag at the top for easy placement on the display rack
  • Each box has the UPC code, item #, and size – totally convenient for your inventory needs
  • The t-shirt shaped box instantly draws in customers – it practically sells itself!

Since versatility is something we know is important to you, we offer the boxed program in two different styles – the great wall and the grid wall.

Each one of these displays holds 140 adult or 168 youth t-shirt boxes – that’s a lot of tees! The only difference being the presentation. The great wall is a maple grain display unit that spins 360 degrees for easy viewing. The grid wall is a sturdy metal unit, attractive and free standing. It’s the perfect size for any shop.

Maybe you are ordering Wholesale Mountain T-Shirts for the first time, or maybe you are a long-time customer who wants to figure out a way to enhance your Mountain T-Shirt display to attract more customers. Either way, you should definitely get excited about the versatile display options we offer in order to make your Mountain T-Shirt display really stand out.

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