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Carol Cavalaris has been artistic from a young age, even making her own dolls and their clothes. She studied art throughout school, completing an Art Degree at Shasta College in Redding, CA. She loves exploring all kinds of artistic mediums, including oil, painting, acrylics, drawing, stained glass, music and writing. Her professional career has spanned many artistic fields, such as working in Advertising and Interior Design and ultimately focusing on the creation of her own artwork.

Painting wildlife, nature, color and detail are her passions. She will study a photograph of an animal for days, focusing on the details of texture, the eyes and fur. This attention to detail can best be seen in her bestselling designs, including Silverback Portrait, Wolf Heart, and Thoughtful White Tiger.

"I see the uniqueness in every living being as a momentary gift to be treasured. And so it is this need to capture the life force, to enhance and celebrate it, and even give it life long after it has faded, that gives meaning to my work," shares Cavalaris. She also enjoys blending reality and fantasy together and combining photo sources and painting techniques to create her own mixed medium images that she calls "living art."

Cavalaris' work is in private collections all over the world and has been published in magazines, art books, and featured on book covers. Her work is also licensed by various companies and selling on products worldwide. In her free time, Cavalaris enjoys hiking, movies, music and visiting zoos and botanical gardens.

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