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Good Deeds and Graphic Tees: Sometimes a Mountain T-Shirt is More Than Just a Shirt

Here at The Mountain, we have built our brand around really unique graphic t-shirts. Our t-shirts are recognized for their bright colors, big designs, and bold styles. We pride ourselves on the fact that we continually push the boundaries of t-shirt design to create an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind piece of Artwear.

I love My Island Dog Staff Photo

And while all of that stuff matters a lot to us, there is a whole other side to this t-shirt business that sometimes makes a t-shirt more than just a t-shirt. As a socially conscious business, we frequently seek out opportunities where we can use our graphic t-shirts to make a positive impact on other organizations and individuals.

Recently, we had the chance to help out I Love My Island Dog Association in St. Maarten by donating a bunch of our popular “My Favorite Breed” Mountain t-shirts for their fundraiser. Since the rescue relies mostly on donations in order to keep doing the wonderful work they do on the island with rescue dogs, they will use the proceeds they raise from these Mountain t-shirt sales to fund their food supply and spay/neuter program.

We love nothing more than seeing our t-shirts being used to support a great cause. In fact, we love it so much, we have created ongoing partnerships with a couple of outstanding organizations that benefit directly from every t-shirt sale from three Mountain Wholesale t-shirt collections: The Hero Collection, The Collegiate Collection, and The Russo Rescue Collection.

Operation Hat Trick, The Collegiate Collection, and The Hero Collection

The Hero Collection by The Mountain

The Mountain is proud to support Operation Hat Trick through the Collegiate Collection and the Hero Collection.

Operation Hat Trick is a non-profit organization that generates awareness and support for the recovery of wounded service members and Veterans through the sale of OHT branded merchandise –this includes the awesome t-shirts found in both the Collegiate and Hero Collections by The Mountain.

The proceeds are then distributed to organizations that support the OHT mission, with a portion of every sale coming back to OHT.

If this is a cause that is important to you, or that you think will resonate with your customers, contact us today to find out about how you can make a positive impact just by offering one of these meaningful wholesale t-shirt collections.

The Hero Collection by The Mountain

The Best Friends Society and The Russo Rescue Collection

All of The Mountain's animal themed t-shirt collections are big sellers, but it is no surprise that the most popular collection - The Rescue Collection by Dean Russo - directly supports The Best Friends Animal Society with each t-shirt sale.

What is The Best Friends Animal Society? For over 30 years, this organization has been dedicated to saving companion animals from shelters through their no-kill sanctuary and other effective programs.

Giving back is important to us and we hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities if they make sense for your store. If you already carry any one of these charitable collections, make sure you have the posters and signs displayed in a clear spot for your customers to see.

Not sure what signs are available? Send us a note at and we would be happy to help you get what you need!

You might be surprised at how many people respond to these causes, and buy a t-shirt to show their support.

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  • Michelle says...

    Thanks for your feedback, Karen. A Doberman design would be a wonderful addition to the collection. We can certainly pass along the suggestion to Dean!

    Thank you!

    Marketing Coordinator
    The Mountain

    On July 06, 2016

  • Karen says...

    Could you please ask Dean Russo to make a Doberman in his wonderful artistic style? I am also a Doberman owner as well as been a Pit Bull owner. I love the Pitt Bull t’s and I think I have each one but I am still waiting for the Doberman.
    Thank you,

    On July 05, 2016

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