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Capitalize on Tourist Season with T-shirts by The Mountain Wholesale

Tourist season will soon be upon us, and you know what that means…more t-shirt sales! As busy vacationers pass by your shop or even come in to take a look around, what is your game plan for getting them to make a purchase, shop at your store again in the future, visit your website when they get home, or recommend your store to their friends and family?

One of the best ways to entice your shop’s visitors to pull out their wallets and follow up with glowing reviews and the coveted word of mouth endorsement, is to offer them one-of-a-kind items that make wonderful, long-lasting souvenirs. Imagine the scene – someone is walking down the street wearing a striking Mountain t-shirt they purchased from your shop. They proceed to tell each person that stops them to admire their shirt that they picked it up from you. Bam! Think of how many potential customers you just gained? All by offering the right selection of Mountain t-shirts for your target customer.

Think Like Your Customers...What Mountain T-Shirt Do They Want to See?

As a Mountain Wholesale customer (Not a customer? Fill out our new account form!), you already get how important it is to offer unique products that are so eye-catching, they practically jump off the rack! But, with so many different collections and designs to choose from, it can feel a bit overwhelming to navigate the densely populated world of t-shirts by The Mountain Wholesale. If you happen to operate a shop in a very niche market, narrowing down your t-shirt selection might be an easier task than if you see a wide variety of people with many different interests come through your shop.

As you think about stocking up just in time for the influx of tourists this season, we thought it might be helpful to breakdown our big 2016 Mountain Wholesale t-shirt catalog a bit and feature some collections that you might find appealing as you consider the demographic of your most common type of shopper. Or, having the chance to see some of our other collections might inspire you to think outside the box and try out something new for your shop.

If the summer is not your busy time, you can still use these resources to help you plan for the future. It is never too early to start thinking about which Mountain tees to stock up on. And of course, don’t forget to check back often and sign up for our mailing list so you are the first to know about new product releases!

Try Some of These T-Shirt Collections by The Mountain on for Size:

Birds and Bugs Collection Catalog
   Birds and Bugs Collection
The Mountain Wholesale Aquatic Collection Catalog Cover
 The Aquatic Collection
The Mountain Wholesale Tanks Collection Catalog
   Tank Tops Collection
Rock 'N Retro Collection Catalog Cover
   Rock 'N Retro Collection

Check out even more t-shirt collections by The Mountain Wholesale!

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