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Wear Your Pride on Your Sleeve – The Mountain Wholesale Americana Collection

May is National Military Appreciation month and to celebrate, we are shining the spotlight on our ever popular Americana Collection. Your customers will love how every t-shirt in this classic collection by The Mountain Wholesale is full of pride, patriotism, and passion for the United States of America.

National pride and the military go hand in hand, so naturally this timeless collection features several military themed designs from which you can choose to stock your shelves for the upcoming patriotic holidays this summer. Whether you are interested in “Aircraft Carrier” — a strong symbol of America’s noble military history, “Faded Flag & Eagles” – a visual homage to two iconic national symbols, or any other design from The Mountain’s Americana Collection, all of these t-shirts are visually stunning and are sure to catch your customers’ attention.

Like all of the unique collections we offer at The Mountain Wholesale, the Americana line has something for everyone. When you think of “Americana,” you are sure to conjure images of American flags, military war crafts, and scenic snapshots of America’s beautiful and diverse landscape. Our collection of Americana t-shirts encompasses all of those classic images, and more, adding our signature look of big and bold designs.

We have chosen some of our favorite t-shirts from the Americana Collection, all available for sale at The Mountain Wholesale. Take a look at these featured designs below and you will get an idea of just how much variety there is in this collection.

The Americana Collection At-a-Glance

American Pride Eagle - The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts


American Pride Eagle (4010) – This quintessential Americana t-shirt designed by Collin Bogle, features America’s stately national bird — the bald eagle — prominently displayed with a partial American flag image in the background. This shirt, with its universal message of national pride, has a wide appeal that will speak to your customers.

M1 Abrams Tank Breakthru - The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts


M1 Abrams Tank Breakthru (8261) – Artist, David Penfound, brings the M1 Abrams tank — one of the most recognizable pieces of modern military equipment — to life in this incredible 3D design. Embodying the strength and powerful presence of America’s Armed Forces around the globe, this design will have a special meaning to anyone with a connection to the military.

Telluride Homecoming - The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts


Telluride Homecoming (1463) - Trains are commonly associated with America’s Gilded Age and the economic growth of the time. This classic design depicts a true Americana icon as it emerges from the picturesque background of the Colorado Rockies, complete with a landscape of snow capped peaks and vibrant yellow aspen trees. This t-shirt is truly a piece of Artwear!

Biker Sam - The Mountain Wholesale T-Shirts


Biker Sam (3239) – In the style of our Manimals Collection, this design unites the spirit of Americana and motorcycles. In the biker culture, displaying a symbol of National pride is a commonplace thing. You will often see bikers with American flags on their motorcycles or stitched proudly on their vests. This design will be a hit with motorcycle enthusiasts, plus it makes a great gift!

As you can see from the diverse selection above, The Americana Collection features a variety of styles for everyone. No matter what type of store you have, this eye-catching line speaks the universal language of national pride. Check out more designs from the collection and see if any are a good fit for your store.

Love The Americana Collection? Find Out How to Get Your Logo Printed on a Mountain T-Shirt!

Is your shop associated with a museum or other organization that specializes in Americana themed apparel? If so, you might be interested in learning more about our custom printing options. The Mountain Wholesale can custom print your logo on any t-shirt from the Americana Collection. Give your customers a unique souvenir they cannot find anywhere else!

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